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Chris Davenport - President and CEO

Mr. Davenport started his career as a professional actor. He acted on stage and screen for over 18 years, garnering acclaim and awards for his detailed, creative, and consistent artistic work. Through his experience as an actor, Davenport found his way into the world of live training screnarios for government and private industry. Davenport's goals in forming Dav Services were to provide the highest-quality professional role players, the most dependable service, and an intensely mission-driven partner for your training program. Chris Davenport and Dav Services have extensive experience in scenario-based training for such agencies as the US Capitol Police, US Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Central Intelligence Agency and other government agencies. Davenport’s extensive experience guarantees that he has an in-depth understanding of role playing programs, a proven track record of quality performance, and the ability to adjust quickly when needs change. 

Michael Jarboe - Senior Partner

Mr. Jarboe served a 33-year career as a law-enforcement officer with the US Capitol Police. He retired in 2008 as a Deputy Chief and Commander of Protective Services, the most prestigious bureau in the department. His law-enforcement experience been distinguished and wide-ranging. Among his esteemed positions was command of the Training Services Bureau from 2004 to 2005. In this position, he developed a strong commitment to scenario-based training, and the role player support needed to provide the most effective training experience possible for both entry-level recruits and seasoned police veterans.  Subsequent to his career with the Capitol Police, he has worked for more than 10 years as a role player with the Capitol Police, Secret Service, Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy, Defense Intelligence Agency, and others. He has also served as Site Supervisor for role players at the Capitol Police Training Academy.  Mr. Jarboe possesses proven superior leadership and management skills, outstanding oral and written communication skills, and professional law enforcement knowledge that provides invaluable support to the role playing mission.


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